Homeowner Testimonials

“I purchased my home in 2019. June 2020 after the year we are having so far, my air conditioner went out. This is my first house, so I was just so happy that I was buying a home I made sure I purchased the warranty. But what I didn’t pay attention to was the name. I had to call my title company to find out which company we went with. They said they would have to get back to me. The sent me an email with this company HAHA. To be honest at first, I was a little worried about name being HAHA. But what ended happening was me saying HAHA I am so glad I have this warranty with this company!!! Customer service was amazing, and my house is blowing clean and cool air thanks to everyone involved. Thanks Again!!!”

Josh Rivera
Manassas, VA

“Absolutely the best customer service. Always response, follows up with us. I’m so happy to have HAHA on our side!”

Jackie R
Woodbridge, VA

“Great customer service, very responsive and knowledgeable. HAHA is great to work with because of their quick response when I need something repaired. That is what I like the most and, of course, HAHA’s good warranty.”

Lul Vulaj
Laurel, MD

“I have worked with Joe from HAHA for over 3 years now and has been a great experience. I’ve run into several problems in my home and he has very quickly and efficiently answered my call for help! I recommend him wholeheartedly!!”

Alexandra C
Huntington, NY

“Good morning, HAHA it has been the best experience, after having other homeowner warranty company giving us the run around. It is a pleasure to work with a great company (HAHA). They were able not only to fix my problem but come to my house as soon as I contacted them. HAHA by provided me the best service.”

Gabriela F
Old Bethpage, NY

“Very glad I have HAHA, the service is excellent, if I have a problem, it is always solved almost immediate 

Linda Brunning
Garden City, NY

“HAHA offers a great warranty service. They are responsive and provide quality repair people. I needed to use their service and was extremely satisfied. I have referred this company to my clients and friends. Seems to be the most comprehensive complete home warranty service on the market 

Norma Guigley
Garden City, NY

“Excellent service. I have had to use my warranty service for my own home twice in 2 months. Both times I was pleased with the service provided. Joe followed up with me both times to make sure everything was fixed, and I was happy with the repairmen that came to my home. I highly recommend HAHA, to my clients and friends. 

Laura Mulligan Realtor
Garden City, NY

“Kudos, Accolades, Applause. No prestidigitation here. Promises made, promises kept. HAHA is a Trustworthy Company 

Julian F
Dix Hills, NY

“Anytime I have an issue that needs assistance, Joe at HAHA is always fast to handle the situation. He always responds to his calls and emails, he quickly dispatches help and a competent repair person always shows up. The best home warranty I have ever had. Well worth it!! 

M Fi
Plainview, NY

“HAHA is the best Home Warranty Protection I have ever used. I have had home protection plans for over 15 years. I have used 3 different companies in that time. I cancelled because the companies gave less benefits and less service as time went on and more money. This is my fourth service company and HAHA is the best. They use local service men, very short response time and good repairs. Any questions you can contact me. 

Maxine Cohen
Jericho, NY

“Joe epitomizes the term customer service. His availability, follow-up, and accountability are – by far – the best I’ve seen. He always gets the job done and follows up to make sure things are running well afterwards for our family. Can’t recommend HAHA enough. Thank you 

North Hills, NY

“Thank you so much for the expert service that I have received for fixing my plumbing. I am very happy and satisfied with your quick service. You took care of this very professionally. Thank you again HAHA for the great service. 

Arlington, VA

HAHA Home Warranty

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