Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the year to hire a contractor?

The workload for most contractors fluctuates with the time of year. Call on contractors during their slow season, and you will be rewarded with more responsive service. For example, summertime is the best time for insulating and other energy-conservation projects and late winter or early spring is the best time to get bids for any outdoor painting projects. If you have a question about the best time of year to hire a particular contractor, HAHA staff will be happy to provide some insight.

How much lead-time do most contractors need?

For larger projects – such as painting, roofing and remodeling – you will want to call for a referral weeks, if not months, before you think your project will be ready to begin. The current demand for quality contractors is not as great as it once was, but the better contractors (HAHA Associates are among the best) are always busy.

What if I have an emergency repair?

In any emergency situation where someone has been hurt, smoke or fire can be seen, or power is out to your entire neighborhood, you should first contact your local police or fire department, your power utility or another more appropriate entity.

How many contractors will bid on my project?

For smaller jobs and emergency repairs – where prompt service is the top priority – we will dispatch one contractor to handle the project. For major projects – such as painting, remodeling, installing a new roof or flooring – we will send multiple contractors to bid on the work.

What should I do if there is a problem with my project?

The reality is, problems do occur occasionally. Sometimes it is the contractor’s mistake. Other times, it is the result of something that someone else did or did not do. And many times, problems pop up because of some unforeseen issue – a long-forgotten oil tank buried in the backyard, poor workmanship by a past contractor, a weather delay, a defective product, etc. The key to getting any project problem quickly resolved is to contact HAHA as soon as possible.

If I already have a working relationship, can I just call the contractor directly?

Occasionally, a member will embark on a second project with a HAHA Associate without notifying HAHA. This is fine but for your protection, contact HAHA to let us know work has beeen started so we can monitor the job and ensure you get your rebate in a timely manner.

Why can't I find my contractor's phone number in the local directory?

To control overhead costs, many of HAHA’s authorized contractors locate their offices in outlying suburbs, which means they will not be listed in your local directory. Other contractors rely almost exclusively on their cell phones, and those numbers can not be listed in the directory. However, HAHA is always happy to provide you with any phone numbers or other contact information.

What if I have questions about my project, my contractor or my contractor's bid?

HAHA’s knowledgeable staff are standing by to answer your questions 8:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The staff can answer your questions, address concerns and arrange for contractors.

How is the Helping American Homeowners Association (HAHA) different from other contractor referral services?

Contractor referral services have been around for many years in a variety of different forms. The most popular type has been the “pay-for-listing” model. Contractors pay a fee to the service in return for the promise of referrals. Any contractor willing to pay can participate.

HAHA is different. We evaluate contractors on the quality of their service and the competitiveness of their pricing, without any obligation to provide job leads. Our network of pre-screened professionals and homeowners allows us to find the best professionals and bring them to you so that you can be sure you will get the best quality job for a reasonable price.

How are the HAHA's contractors screened and authorized?

To do work for HAHA’s members, a contractor must have already been in business for at least two years and have a solid track-record of performance.

In addition, each contractor is carefully scrutinized. HAHA’s staff determines if there are any claims against the contractor’s bond, double-check the status of any required insurance coverages, and investigate the firm’s financial stability. After a contractor passes the screening and is recommended for member projects, their work is carefully monitored. That is the real test. Because HAHA follows up on every job to ensure the member is satisfied, our staff receives immediate feedback on the contractor’s performance – and only those who maintain superior standards get continued calls from the HAHA.

Why do such talented contractors choose to work with the HAHA?

HAHA provides time-tested solutions to the problems most contractors face, such as securing work, collecting on outstanding bills and more. Ours is a mutually beneficial relationship that delivers real results for homeowners and contractors.

Do HAHA's contractors charge members higher rates?

No. Each contractor has signed an agreement with the HAHA that states they will “perform all work referred by HAHA at current, competitive prices…” This means that HAHA members will be charged the contractor’s regular hourly rates. Plus, HAHA regularly monitors the going rates for a wide variety of projects to ensure that the rates charged by our contractors are competitive, fair and reasonable.

Does HAHA sell its membership list to marketing companies?

No. None of the information you provide when applying for membership is ever sold or given to any outside party. You can take comfort in knowing that any personally identifiable information will be securely stored and kept strictly confidential.

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