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The Helping American Homeowners Association (HAHA) is helping to build a strong economy by working with local homeowner contractors, professional service providers and local homeowners to connect the right people to the right projects.

As the economy improves and home sales rise, more home owners are deciding to address their much-needed home improvements and repairs in order to command top dollar for their homes once they’re listed for sale. This trend has created a steadily increasing demand for reliable, skilled workers in the residential construction field.

HAHA Has a Solution

The Helping American Homeowners Association (HAHA) works with a select group of reputable and experienced professionals to provide Home Repair, Home Maintenance and Home Improvement services to our members.

If you are a contractor or professional service provider who does any home-related work, you may be eligible to become a HAHA Associate. HAHA Associates receive many benefits including:

  • Project Referrals not available anywhere else.
  • Exclusive Territory with Limited Competition.
  • Third Party Approval as part of the HAHA Associate Network.
  • Promotion throughout the HAHA Network.
  • Assistance with Customer Relations and dispute resolution.
  • Discounts on business services through the HAHA Associate Network.
  • and much more…
Building contractor and architect

When you become a HAHA Associate, you become part of an expanding network of professional service providers that work together to provide the community with quality services, while helping each others businesses grow and prosper.

The HAHA Associate Network

The HAHA Associate Network

The HAHA Associate Network is made up of all our HAHA Associates as well as other companies that provide services that small businesses need. Some of the opportunities available through the Associate Network include:

  • Special Rates on Merchant Services.
  • Online Marketing and Advertising Services.
  • Sponsorships on our local advertising.
  • Joint Marketing promotions with HAHA and other associates.
  • Discounts on all types of business services.
  • and much more…

The Helping American Homeowners Association provides a unique opportunity for local professionals to join a growing group that are working together to build a stronger economy.

If you would like to find out more about how to become a HAHA Associate and start building your business a better way, go to the top of this page and click on contractors, we will contact you to start the application process.

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