Benefits of a Home Warranty

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, an HAHA Home Warranty is an excellent investment. The benefits of a home warranty plan if you’re selling a home, are the last thing you want to do is shell out big bucks if a system or appliance stops working. And if you’re buying a home or you already own your home, it’s nice to know you’re protected from expensive repair and replacement costs.

Whether you are a homebuyer, home seller or existing homeowner you’ll appreciate the numerous benefits and conveniences that come from having the HAHA Home Warranty.

Benefitis for Buyers and Current Homeowners

Save money and protect your budget. Rather than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or replace an appliance or home system, you’ll pay a standard deductible per service call, per trade, on covered components.**

Comprehensive protection. We’ll repair or replace covered systems and appliances no matter the age, make or model. Plus, there are no home square footage restrictions and no inspection required.

National network of pre-screened service partners. Each partner in our network of over 40,000 qualified service professionals has been pre-screened to meet our high service standards.

Convenient and easy claims process. We’re available 24/7/365. All you have to do to place a claim is call our toll-free number or submit a claim online and you will be assigned a qualified service provider in your area.


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Benefits for Sellers

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Make your home a preferred home. Eight out of ten buyers prefer to buy a home covered by a home warranty plan. (Source: Gallup Poll)

Attract more first-time home buyers. Provide peace of mind for buyers who might be intimidated by the high cost of repairing or replacing systems or appliances.

Leverage your HMS Home Warranty. Make your home stand out from other listings.

Avoid closing delays. An HMS Home Warranty can minimize the chance that an equipment or system failure could delay closing.

Free coverage during listing*. In most states, payment is due at closing.

No post-sale worries. If a breakdown happens after closing, the buyer will turn to the HMS Home Warranty.

Industry-leading workmanship guarantee. Covered repairs are guaranteed for 180 days. That means you won’t pay a cent if the problem reoccurs due to a workmanship issue.

Unlimited service. You can call HMS for as many appliance and system repairs as needed.*

Never get locked out. You are covered for up to $50 per year for locksmith services.

Save with Appliance Buyline®. Even if items in your home are running great, you may decide to remodel or upgrade. You can take advantage of this buying power and get deep discounts off brand name appliances.

Industry–leading workmanship guarantee. Covered repairs are guaranteed for 180 days. That means you won’t pay a cent if the problem reoccurs due to a workmanship issue.

Easily renew your warranty. You can enjoy the protection of an HMS Home Warranty Plan for as long as you own your home.***

HAHA Home Warranty

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