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"I purchased my home in 2019. June 2020 after the year we are having so far, my air conditioner went out. This is my first house, so I was just so happy that I was buying a home I made sure I purchased the warranty. But what I didn’t pay attention to was the name. I had to call my title company to find out which company we went with. They said they would have to get back to me. The sent me an email with this company HAHA. To be honest at first, I was a little worried about name being HAHA. But what ended happening was me saying HAHA I am so glad I have this warranty with this company!!! Customer service was amazing, and my house is blowing clean and cool air thanks to everyone involved. Thanks Again!!!"

Josh Rivera
Manassas, VA



"Absolutely the best customer service. Always response, follows up with us. I’m so happy to have HAHA on our side!"

Jackie R
Woodbridge, VA



"Great customer service, very responsive and knowledgeable. HAHA is great to work with because of their quick response when I need something repaired. That is what I like the most and, of course, HAHA's good warranty."

Lul Vulaj
Laurel, MD


"I have worked with Joe from HAHA for over 3 years now and has been a great experience. I've run into several problems in my home and he has very quickly and efficiently answered my call for help! I recommend him wholeheartedly!!"

Alexandra C
Huntington, N.Y.


"Good morning, HAHA it has been the best experience, after having other homeowner warranty company giving us the run around. It is a pleasure to work with a great company (HAHA). They were able not only to fix my problem but come to my house as soon as I contacted them. HAHA by provided me the best service."

Gabriela F
Old Bethpage, N.Y.


Very glad I have HAHA, the service is excellent, if I have a problem, it is always solved almost immediate 

Linda Brunning 
Garden City, N.Y.


HAHA offers a great warranty service. They are responsive and provide quality repair people. I needed to use their service and was extremely satisfied. I have referred this company to my clients and friends. Seems to be the most comprehensive complete home warranty service on the market 

Norma Guigley 
Garden City, N.Y.


Excellent service. I have had to use my warranty service for my own home twice in 2 months. Both times I was pleased with the service provided. Joe followed up with me both times to make sure everything was fixed, and I was happy with the repairmen that came to my home. I highly recommend HAHA, to my clients and friends. 

Laura Mulligan Realtor 
Garden City, N.Y.


Kudos, Accolades, Applause. No prestidigitation here. Promises made, promises kept. HAHA is a Trustworthy Company 

Julian F 
Dix Hills, N.Y.


“Anytime I have an issue that needs assistance, Joe at HAHA is always fast to handle the situation. He always responds to his calls and emails, he quickly dispatches help and a competent repair person always shows up. The best home warranty I have ever had. Well worth it!! 

M Fi
Plainview, N.Y.


“HAHA is the best Home Warranty Protection I have ever used. I have had home protection plans for over 15 years. I have used 3 different companies in that time. I cancelled because the companies gave less benefits and less service as time went on and more money. This is my fourth service company and HAHA is the best. They use local service men, very short response time and good repairs. Any questions you can contact me. 

Maxine Cohen
Jericho, N.Y.


“Joe epitomizes the term customer service. His availability, follow-up, and accountability are - by far - the best I’ve seen. He always gets the job done and follows up to make sure things are running well afterwards for our family. Can’t recommend HAHA enough. Thank you 

North Hills, N.Y.


“Thank you so much for the expert service that I have received for fixing my plumbing. I am very happy and satisfied with your quick service. You took care of this very professionally. Thank you again HAHA for the great service. 

Arlington, V.A.


“We have been using HAHA for over six months now and have already had to use the services twice.  The response time and the quality of work has been excellent.  Joe Carbone handles each claim personally and follows through with each job.  He even calls after the job is done to make sure his clients are satisfied.  His dedication to his work and his customers is top notch.  His service providers show a deep understanding for their line of work and are sophisticated in their approach.  We would highly recommend HAHA!  

Jaydeep Kadam
Muttontown, N.Y.


“I cannot thank you enough for the quality of work that was just performed in my house. The leak that we had was difficult to diagnose and required a painstaking repair by your contractor. From the day I contacted you with the problem straight through to the repair completion everyone involved was courteous and professional. The work was performed when promised - neat and clean. The fact that you were involved personally was extremely gratifying. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  

Lewis Bader
Plainview, N.Y.


“HAHA is the best you can get in home warranty! I have used other home warranty companies before, but this company is by far the best. Joe keeps his words. When he says something will be taken care of, it gets done! I will HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a home warranty. I called Joe on Saturday for my hot water heater. The hot water heater was leaking from the cold water inlet and hot water outlet since the seals have deteriorated over the years. He said he will have a plumber out the same day to look at the problem. The plumber was very knowledgeable and diagnosed the problem within minutes. They came back with a high quality water heater and replaced the old one on Monday. Look no further for home warranty this is one of the best companies!

Forest Hills, N.Y.


“After hearing about HAHA from a friend, I navigated their user friendly website and discovered their concierge service. An amazing option for busy people who need work done in their homes but don't have the time to interview 3 or 4 contractors. The call I made to HAHA was answered promptly and professionally. After having such a great experience I have decided to sign up for the home warranty program also. The company is a keeper!

Great Neck, N.Y.


“I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that HAHA provides. You have made me a loyal customer and I will recommend HAHA whenever I can. The Home Concierge plan has given me an array of quality professionals, with just one phone call! It also makes a great gift for family and friends. Keep up the great work!”

Debbie Drucker
Oyster Bay, N.Y.


“I was impressed with the service I received from HAHA. They got straight to the point to find out the problem and got right on it. I was contacted numerous times to make sure the contractor had contacted me to take care of my air condition system, then received a follow up call to make sure I was ok and satisfied with the work that was done. I also was ask to fill out a performance report about their repair man. Best service I have ever had glad that I switched to HAHA.”

Nassau County, N.Y.

“I just like to tell you how satisfied I was with the contractor who came to my home to repair my dishwasher. When my husband and I were searching around for a Warranty Company the first thing we notice about HAHA was that you were a local company with a Home Concierge program with licensed and insured contractors, which a lot of these other outer town companies just call up here in New York and send contractors to your home and not knowing if their license and insurance is current. HAHA you did put a smile on our faces, love the name also.”

Judy & Sam
Melville,  N.Y.

“We have heard about HAHA thru friends of ours, but we didn’t pay it no mind, but one day my husband and I had some work that had to be done around the house, nothing out of the ordinary. We are now in our eighties and were worried about calling a contractor because all we keep seeing on the news is about contractors taking advantage of people, so we decided to call HAHA. From that phone call on it was the best thing we could of done. The people there were so nice and the work they did was excellent and the check that we got back in the mail was nice too. When HAHA ask us for this testimonial we said we be happy to write it. Highly recommends HAHA...”

Millie & Joe
Syosset, N.Y.

“Once again I will say good job HAHA. I have used my service plan three times in the last year and have had nothing but more than satisfying results from HAHA. The funniest thing is that I am a Real Estate Attorney and being around Realtors and listening to some their stories about the problems they have had with some of the Warranty companies they have used for their clients. I just tell them all the same thing, why would you use an out of state company when HAHA is local and provide prompt service. Thank you HAHA once again.”

Woodbury,  N.Y.


“I'm a fairly new HAHA member, but have used its concierge plan services twice recently in fairly short order. The first instance was to do some minor contracting work throughout the house that we had just purchased, and the second was for emergency boiler replacement work. Both times HAHA sent over very professional, competent and affordable contractors to complete the necessary tasks. Further, HAHA made sure to walk me through every step of the process, and made sure to check in with me at each phase of the work to ensure good quality. And finally, the promised rebate checks were sent out in short order after the jobs were completed. I'm very pleased with the professionalism that HAHA provides, and look forward to relying on them for my homeowner needs for many years to come.“

Bethpage, N.Y.


“We have had several great experiences with the service of HAHA. Mike, one of HAHA's associates came and assessed the problems. He was courteous and worked diligently throughout the work that needed to be done. We also received our rebate checks just as we were told we would. We recommend HAHA.

Mr Stevens
Long Beach,  N.Y.


“I want to thank HAHA for being so immediately responsive to my needs within just days of the institution of my policy. Joe and Mike were especially helpful! Thank You Guys!

Christine Radman
East Northport, N.Y.


“I would like to say that i was very happy with HAHA. The contractor who was sent to replace my hot water heater was excellent.The follow up calls from HAHA were great also, it showed me they really care.Great job HAHA thank you.

Garden City, N.Y.


“Joe is excellent. The relief valve on my gas hot water heater was leaking over a long weekend. He was able to get a contractor out on a Saturday.

Shri K
Forest Hills, N.Y.


“A+ all around. Fast service, Fast follow up, good communication all through the process. Worked with Joe, who was extremely helpful and friendly. Very happy customer!

Michael Ferruzzi
East Northport, N.Y.


“Very Happy with this service. Was surprised how much money I actually save. Highly Recommend. No Nonsense. HAHA is no joke.

Greg Rabinowitz
Jericho, N.Y.


“Thumbs up for HAHA. I must say we've had HAHA coverage since we've purchased our home in 2015 and after a couple of incidents with our boiler, they came through for us with flying colors. Actually, I'm grateful for Joe from HAHA as well cause he's the one I've gotten in touch with at any hour of the day or night and has not left us hanging yet, always finds a way to help us out.

Rose Dale, N.Y.


“My realtor gave me a membership to Helping American Homeowners Association as a gift when I purchased my home and it took the pressure off me to assure my appliances would be working. I had several problems with my home and HAHA took care of them promptly and were consistent on following up throughout the work to be sure it was done correctly and I was satisfied. It's a great resource to,,

Melville, N.Y.


“I am a real Estate Agent and like to say that I have had my second experience in using my HAHA Home Warranty. My pipe broke in my bathroom,I called it in to HAHA and within a couple of hours it was fixed. The service was just excellent, along with the plumber who came to my house. Once again great job HAHA.

Garden City, N.Y.