Appliance Protection Plans: Kitchen Refrigerators w/Ice Maker & Dispenser - Additional Refrigerator - Home Warranty

Kitchen Refrigerators w/Ice Maker & Dispenser – Additional Refrigerator – Home Warranty


Additional Kitchen Refrigerator Coverage
Today’s homes are filled with appliances that make your life easier, until they breakdown. HAHA’s comprehensive appliance coverage protects you in the event of an inevitable appliance breakdown. Having a repairman show up or just replacing the appliance can be time-consuming and expensive. HAHA’s comprehensive appliance service plan will save you time and money. Major and minor appliances are covered under this comprehensive plan including:

  • Refrigerator

Our complete Appliance Service Plan Benefits include:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service Hotline – Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to your call.
  • Fixed Cost for Covered Repairs – All costs are covered for replacing or repairing the covered appliance, up to your specific coverage limits per service call.
  • Unlimited Service Calls per Year – You can make an unlimited number of service calls each year, covering labor, materials, permits and tax.
  • Priority Response – A licensed and insured local contractor will make your repair a priority.
  • High-Quality Work – One-year guarantee on all permanent repairs.
  • $100 Service Call Fee

Coverage starts 30 days after acceptance of application by HAHA and receipt of applicable contract fees. Your coverage may begin before 30 days if HAHA receives proof of prior coverage, showing no lapse of coverage, though another carrier within 15 days of the order date.

All service agreements are for one year. A service agreement contract with full Terms and Conditions will be sent to you.

You may choose to cancel your Plan at any time.

If the Plan is cancelled for any reason before the one year, HAHA will refund the Plan price paid by the Customer, less administrative fees and the cost of any services and parts provided by HAHA. HAHA can cancel the Plan without notice (and seek a full recovery of its damages from Customer) if the Customer fails to pay the Plan price in a timely manner, has made a material misrepresentation, or has substantial breached his/her duties relating to the Equipment or its use. Any repairs or services provided after any cancellation of the Plan will be billed at the same cost that a customer would pay who is not covered by a Plan.

Key Terms

Provider means H.A.H.A. Group, Ltd., P. O. Box 813 Syosset, NY 11791 (“HAHA”) and is responsible for providing the benefits owed to You under this Service Agreement. You may contact us at the foregoing address or by calling us 1-844- GET-HAHA

Administrator means (i) Helping American Homeowners Association and its affiliates, P. O. Box 813 Syosset, NY 11791, (“HAHA”), the entity responsible for administering the benefits owed to You under this Service Agreement.

We, Us, and Our means the Provider and Administrator collectively.

You and Your means Service Agreement Holder listed on the Declaration Page.

Service Agreement means the documents that constitute all of Your rights and responsibilities as a contract holder. These documents consist of the Terms and Conditions on Your Declaration Page.

Service Agreement Fee. The amount you paid for this Agreement.

Term means the length of the Service Agreement which is 12 months in length. The term of this Agreement is defined by the dates listed on your Declaration Page.


H.A.H.A. Group, Ltd. (“HAHA) is the Provider responsible for the performance of contractual obligations under the Service Agreement. HAHA has designed the protection program provided to You under this Service Agreement and administers the delivery of benefits owed to You under the Agreement. H.A.H.A. will serve as your ordinary point-of-contact for any questions or concerns you may have with respect to Your Service Agreement. All other terms and onditions of this Service Agreement are subject to, and modified by, the allocation of responsibilities set forth in this paragraph, unless otherwise indicated for residents of Your state as detailed in the applicable STATE VARIATIONS at the beginning of this Agreement.


This Service Agreement will only cover systems for which You have responsibility. We do not cover any repairs for systems that landlords, utilities or other entities are responsible for repairing.

This Service Agreement is only valid after Our acceptance of the application and receipt of Your payment covering the Term defined by the effective dates listed on the Declarations Page. However, in the first year of coverage, you may not make a Service call within thirty (30) days of the effective date. This Service Agreement will automatically renew for an additional Term, unless prohibited by law, cancelled no less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of the Term of Your current Service Agreement, or cancelled as provided in this Service Agreement, and will continue to renew for like terms and conditions provided We continue to offer the Service Agreement and You make timely payments. We reserve the right to modify this contract or offer this Service Agreement at a different price upon renewal.

Covered Appliances

Clothes Dryer

. Covered: All components and parts, except:

Not Covered: Noise-Venting-Lint screens-Knobs and dials-Doors-Door seals- Hinges-Glass-Leveling and

balancing-Damage to clothing.

b Clothes Washer

Covered: All components and parts, except:

Not Covered: Noise-Plastic mini-tubs-Soap Dispensers –Filter screens-Knobs and dials-Door seals-Hinges-Glass-Leveling and balancing-Damage to clothing

Kitchen, Refrigerator

Note: Must be located in kitchen. Note Dual compressor refrigerator and built-in combination of both an All-Refrigerator and an All-Freezer are only available with the kitchen Refrigerator option. HAHA will pay up to $5000 per contract term for access, diagnosis and repair or replacement for the dual compressor refrigerator and built-in combination of both an All-Refrigerator and an All-Freezer.

Covered: All components and parts including ice maker and ice and water dispenser, except:

Not Covered: Any removable component (which does not affect the primary function) –Interior thermal

shells/insulation – Food spoilage – Freezers which are not a built-in unit or an integral part of the refrigerator – multimedia center – Wine Filters.

d.Built-in Microwave Ovens

Covered: All components and parts, except:

Not Covered: Door glass – Racks – Meat probe assemblies – Rotisseries – Hinges.


Covered: All components and part, except:

Not Covered: Racks – Rollers – Hinges – Baskets.

f.Garbage Disposals

Covered: All components and part.


Covered: All components and part, except:

Not Covered:Clocks (unless they affect the function of the oven) Meat probe assemblies – Rotisseries – Racks – Handles – Knobs – Hinges.

h.Trash Compactors

Covered: All components and part, except: Not Covered: Lost key – Removable buckets.

Additional Option coverage may be purchased for additional appliances.



If You cancel this Service Agreement within 30 days of the effective date We will refund Your payment in full.

You may cancel this contract after 30 days from the effective date by providing written notice. You will be entitled to a pro-rata refund less any claims paid. Any refund not paid to You within 30 days is subject to a 10% monthly penalty.

This Service Agreement shall be non-cancelable by Us, except for:

a) Nonpayment of Service Agreement fees
b) Fraud or misrepresentation of facts material to the issuance of this Service Agreement.
c) If we decide not to offer this program upon renewal.


We strive to provide You with the highest standards of service. If You feel that Our service has not met Your expectations or You have a question, please contact the Administrator at: P. O. Box 813, Syosset, NY 11791, or call 1-844-GET-HAHA.


If You fail to make full payment on Your payment due date Your Service Agreement coverage will immediately be suspended until the full past due amount is paid.


You have 30 days from the date You sign-up before You can make a Service call. During that period, if You decide You do not want the Service Agreement You can notify Us and We will provide a full refund of fees paid.


All permanent repairs will have a minimum of one year repairer’s guarantee.


Your rights and duties under this Service Agreement are transferable to a subsequent purchaser only and must be completed within 30 days from the date of sale to the subsequent owner. All transfers are for the balance of the remaining terms and are subject to any outstanding Service Agreement fees and the new owner registering into the program.


If You, find You have another service agreement or insurance policy that provides similar benefits, You must notify the Administrator immediately. We will refund Your Service Agreement Fee as long as no Service Call has been made. You may be required to provide a copy of the contract/policy showing similar coverage. We are unable to cover any system or component that is covered by another program.


We reserve the right to obtain a second opinion paid for by Us by a technician of Our choosing on any repair or replacement diagnosis.


Misrepresentation or any attempt to defraud Us, including collusion between You and any service provider, shall result in cancellation of this Service Agreement, and We shall seek reimbursement from You and may pursue remedies under applicable law.


Any information collected by Us during Your purchase and Our administration of this Service Agreement will not be disclosed to other companies for the purpose of marketing other products and services. Such information may be disclosed to other companies in order to provide service under this Service Agreement. Should you have any questions about Our policy, please contact us at 1-844-GET-HAHA. Telephone Calls may be recorded and monitored.

Owner’s Coverage Period

HAHA has the sole right to determine whether a covered appliance, system or component will be repaired or replaced. Parts and replacements will be of similar or equivalent quality and efficiency of those being replaced subject to all other provisions, limitations and exclusions in this agreement. Where replacement equipment of identical dimensions are not readily available, HAHA is responsible for providing installation of similar quality equipment, but not for the cost of construction or carpentry made necessary by different dimensions. HAHA is not responsible for upgrade or matching color or brand.

HAHA is not liable for replacement of entire systems or appliances due to obsolete, discontinued or unavailability of one or more integral part.

However, HAHA will provide reimbursement for the costs of those parts determined by a reasonable allowance for the fair value of similar parts.

HAHA is not liable for repairs related to adequacy or capacity of appliances, components and systems in the home; improper installation, design or previous repair of appliances, components and systems: problems or failures caused by a manufacturer’s defect. Unless the optional coverage for such is purchased, HAHA is not liable for repairs related to costs of construction, carpentry, or other incidental costs associated with the alterations, modifications, or upgrades of all appliances, components or installation of different equipment and/or systems. Also, unless the optional coverage for such is purchased, HAHA is not responsible for providing upgrades,components, parts or equipment required due to the incompatibility of the existing equipment with the replacement system, appliance or component/part including but not limited to 13 SEER, R-410A and/or 7.7 HSPF or higher compliant as well as any other efficiency mandated by federal, state, or local governments.

HAHA will not be responsible for repairs of systems or components arising from a manufacturer’s defect or recall or while still under the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranties. HAHA’s responsibilities will be secondary to any other extended or in- home warranties that exist for the included systems, components and appliances.

HAHA is not responsible for removal and hauling away of old equipment or appliances. Where available, you may choose to pay an additional fee by the service vendor for removal and/or disposal of an old system, component or appliance.

HAHA reserves the right to offer cash back in lieu of repair or replacement in the amount of HAHA’s actual cost, which may be less than retail, to repair or replace any covered system, component or appliance.

HAHA will not pay for the repair or replacement of any covered systems or appliances if they are inoperable as a result of pre-existing conditions, deficiencies and/or defects.

The homeowner’s sole remedy under this agreement is recovery of the cost of the required repair or replacement, whichever is less.The homeowner agrees that, in no event, will HAHA’s liability exceed $5,000 per covered item or $10,000 in the aggregate during the service agreement period.

Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Residents HAHA will not pay more than $2500 on appliance repairs or replacement of an appliance if needed.

Optional coverage begins upon receipt of option fee by HAHA and continues though the contract term. Optional coverage may be purchased up to 60 days after the contract effective date. After the 60th day, optional coverage may be purchased provided an inspection is performed (at customers’ expense) and approved by HAHA.

HAHA Home Warranty

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