Owning a home requires regular attention to the repairs and maintenance that are part and parcel of home ownership. Professionals recommend the average homeowner spend at least $3,000 on home maintenance for a $300,000 home each year*. That is money you need to spend every year just to maintain the condition and value of your home. Even as home values stagnate, the costs of virtually everything else seems to be rising with no end in sight.

HAHA's Home Concierge Program takes the hassles out of home maintenance, home repairs and home improvements by giving you access to a network of quality professionals ready to help you with whatever you need.

HAHA Home Concierge Members get access to an exclusive network of reputable and trustworthy professionals to help them keep their home in top condition while saving money. Rest easy knowing your most valuable asset, your home, is well maintained and protected.

• Single point of contact • Hassle-free home maintenance and repairs
• 10% rebate on any and all work • Real Savings
• Only deal with Trustworthy Professionals • Peace of Mind
• Emergency Service Line • 24/7 access to the help you need

With a simple local phone call, HAHA Home Concierge members have access to our extensive network of local professionals available to help you with any and all of your home needs, whether it's a big project or a small repair. In addition to working with a select group of pre-screened, trustworthy, licensed and insured professionals that can take care of any of your home maintenance, home repair or home improvement needs...

HAHA members get a 10% rebate on all services provided by our Associates.

If you are interested in becoming a HAHA Home Concierge Member or if you would like to learn more about our other beneficial programs, call one of our local member service representatives now at 1-844-GET-HAHA.

* Source: HGTV.com